"Basically it was Saw with children"

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Is it hypocritical if I side-eye guys whose only shared interest with me is Archer?  

missrumphiusproject said: Laura! You are Into Cataloging. Are there any textbooks/workbooks/websites for someone who did their MLIS during AACR2 and needs an RDA update/general refresher?



Soo I really only have bits and pieces of cataloging down at this point as I’ve mostly learned through watching other people, I’m just weirdly eager to learn more. My actual cataloging course will be in the winter semester and we’re supposed to have a great RDA guy teach it. I’m always happy to pass on our resources then. If you’re looking for stuff now, the best I can do is offer these resources that I’ve browsed through and that I know my cataloging expert (my mom haha) has used to refresh:

1. LOC RDA training materials, which is a LOT to go through but has presentations, worksheets, quizzes, etc. http://www.loc.gov/catworkshop/RDA%20training%20materials/index.html

2. RDA Toolkit online for the rules/specifics, which sadly requires a subscription, but perhaps a friend or institution has subscribed?

3. Adam Schiff’s website has really useful AACR2/RDA comparison slides, and lots of them. I learn new things best when I have examples to look at, so this is helpful for me: http://faculty.washington.edu/aschiff/

If anyone else has something to share, please add!

Yay homework!

We made this training checklist for our staff when we were implementing RDA here.  All the resources listed are free.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PiDantSk3UkIjlE-RYEZJ4caEKLnsrZqUBJnbDoA2Wk/

Library staff: We need to change how we do things!

Me: Great, then we need you to change how you do X,Y, and Z.

Library staff: We don’t want to change those things.

Head. Desk.

amandabees said: Do you have a good tag that I should follow for bedtime stories to read aloud to 6-8 year olds? My list currently includes Roald Dahl (generally), Harry Potter (the series), Jules Verne (Journey to the Center of the Earth), Little House on the Prairie (the series, which my parents read to me), Ramona Quimby.


Shoot—I honestly don’t know and don’t have the wherewithal at the moment to research read-aloud hashtags myself right now. 


Hmm, maybe #kidlit?  Not my area of expertise, but definitely think someone knows the answer to this! 


For whatever reason I’m feeling really bitter, right at this current moment, about the fact that my library school offers next to nothing by way of instructional design. With librarianship shifting more and more toward teaching more than one patron at a time about information literacy, it baffles…

I took a class on instruction and technology at Pratt, mostly because I wanted to buff up my tech skills. The class actually had very little to do with tech but everything to do with teaching and education theory.  It ended up being one of my best classes in LIS school.  

The biggest problem though was that it was a required class for the Media Specialist track (school librarians) and although it was open to all students, most non-Media Specialist students dismissed it as a useless class.  This is really unfortunate because it was the only class of it’s kind taught at my school and I think a lot of students missed out on really useful skills and knowledge that would apply to many library positions.  For example, staff training is part of my current job at a special collections library and I use lessons learned from this class all the time.    

Roasted corn and black bean salad with a baked purple (red?) potato. Corn and potato from my CSA, @localrootsnyc! #localrootsnyc #eatlocal #csa

Roasted corn and black bean salad with a baked purple (red?) potato. Corn and potato from my CSA, @localrootsnyc! #localrootsnyc #eatlocal #csa

Date: I love reading!  I read every day!

Me: *swoon*

Date: But I hate ereaders. Nothing beats the smell of books.

Me: *headdesk*


This Sunday at Cobra Club.

This Sunday at Cobra Club.